Trees play a vital role in the environment. It produces oxygen and carbon dioxide to us humans and other forms of life. If trees are not taken cared of, loved and are not well maintained, they can deteriorate and weaken. It is best that to be able to prevent important tree jobs; we must be able to keep its health and stature and if the tree is weak or if there are parts that need to be removed, it must undergo these processes.


    Each profession has their own experts who are skilled and are experienced in the industry they practice. For tree care or tree services, arborists are people who are experts in tree services.  A basic arborist can do the following services of tree pruning, tree removal, extended tree care, and tree maintenance. Tree pruning is needed for trees to be healthy or maintain a healthy state. Tree removal is a service that only a tree expert can decide on. But of course, tree removal or tree pruning can be avoided if you have done preventive measures and cared for your tree.  Certified and skilled arborists are those who have the right tools, procedures, and skills in doing tree care and maintenance. If you are to look for someone to do your tree job, make sure that you choose the right people to do it because trees are like human beings they need the tender loving care for them to grow and prosper. You would want your trees to maintain their useful image rather than create danger and risks to you, your family and neighborhood.


  Tree removal and pruning have different types and purposes. For example, Dead wooding is a type of pruning. Dead wooding is needed for safety. Dead wooding usually happens if the tree’s parts are a disturbance to public roads and areas. Another reason for dead wooding is for functionality purposes.  Dead wooding can also speed up the whole natural abscission process of the tree.  There are also proper tools used for tree care jobs, like chainsaws and the likes for tree removal and also used in pruning, depending on how extensive the work is.  


  Tree Pruning is a process which removes certain tree parts. Usually, the parts of a tree that is being pruned are branches, twigs, and roots.  There are reasons why a tree should be pruned – removal, shaping and maintaining the tree’s health.  In tree pruning, it is essential that the tree’s limbs are kept together for this gives structure to the tree. The importance of pruning must be known to people because the society and community benefit from this. Pruning promotes safety and also encourages a healthy tree growth.  But also we must be cautious on the arborist we choose. Because pruning can also be dangerous if the one administering it is not a professional, skilled contractor. It is best that you research the backgrounds of the arborists in your area before you hire one to ensure the right processes and the right tools are used for the job, not to sacrifice the quality and health of your tree.



Trees are wealth that cannot be measured. They offer amazing benefits to people, animals, birds, insects and environment. They play a very great purpose in the ecosystem. Therefore, trees should be well taken care of. Pruning is one of the ways of taking care of the trees. The following are top reasons why you should always prune your trees.

  • Maintain Plant Health

Pruning is the best practice to keep your trees health and aesthetics. Pruning involves mostly removal of diseased, dead or injured plant parts. All the parts that don’t look healthy in a tree are supposed to be pruned. The pruning of this branches helps in rejuvenation of health branches. Removal of all of these branches also minimizes the cases of increased pest dominance on the tree. It’s a way of pest control in your trees. Trees grow health without pests and sick or dead branches.

  • Maintain Tree Aesthetics

Pruning trees help maintain its appearance and shape. When pruned the tree grows in the right shape and size. Pruned trees also give your environment a beautiful look. However, when pruning a tree ensure you understand its appearance. Do not force an appearance on any tree. This will eventually damage the tree. Don’t impose unnatural size or shape on the tree.

  • Control Growth

Pruning gives the tree fresh air to keep on growing. You remove grown and unnecessary branches. This helps concentrate water and mineral on the tree growing parts. This is what is called pruning to control overall density and size of the tree. However, when pruning for growth, do not try to manipulate your trees. Don’t force a tree to overgrow. Let them grow naturally.

  • Enhances Flower and Fruit Production

Flowering and fruiting trees should be always pruned. This allows sunlight into the tree. Sunlight is necessary for flowering and fruition of trees. This kind of pruning is mainly done to open the canopy of the tree and allow light to penetrate in the tree. Flower bunds form easily with sufficient sunlight.

  • Create Special Forms

You can prune your trees to obtain special forms. These include topiaries, espaliers, hedges, and pollards. You can make your tree have your desired appearance. This beautifies your home.

  • Rejuvenate Overgrown or Old Plants

When a tree grows old it stops growing. Its green color seems to change. It also starts peeling off its trunk. Pruning rejuvenates the tree. When you eliminate the overgrown branches, other branches grow. This gives your tree another new look. This practice should be done to enhance production of more productive branches of the tree.

  • Protect Property and People

Trees can grow very big. Some branches can be a risk when left on the trees. These are especially branches carrying heavy weight. Branches that are rotten, weak or hazardous pose a risk of falling. These branches should be pruned. This ensures they do not fall on people or property.

Different species of trees require different methods and tools of pruning. Ensure you understand your tree pruning requirements before attempting anything on them.